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Now that I can compile Gentoo in a few days, run KDE with reasonable speed, and boot any distro I want, I don't know what would induce me to upgrade again.

Especially now that the power consumption/heat rates have begun to catch up with the CPU speeds.

[Brian] The usual culprit is a flash BIOS update that runs either as a windows executable (sorry, I'm not going to entrust a BIOS update to Wine), or as a DOS-based app from a custom boot floppy.

Now I could go to the trouble to get the image booted off of a CDROM, but if I do that ONCE per system, it costs me more (in my time) than buying and installing the floppy to begin with.

These shell scripts open up individual xterm windows to run inside. Of course, this usually happens when my wife is the room and I'm trying to impress her with the power of Linux, etc. In our case the printer get's into some error state and cups automatically disables the queue but still accepts new jobs.I can't locate the author, am by no means a coder, have a couple of questions, and so thought I'd ask. directory there is only one and one linux kernel image, no minirt24.gz/linux24 Anyway this trick was just more or less a duplicate of the mkbootfloppy script from Klaus Knopper which created TWO boot disks (one for primary booting, one for rebooting from a CD or CD image via an initrd).Given that the floppy space is now too short he didn't even bother to port it since 3.8 Some REALLY SHARP hackery is now needed to boot from a non El Torito environment but if Klaus himself didn't bother or found out...You can burn a CD but it's less convenient than mount/cp/umount -- plus they have to throw it in a landfill when they're through.Hmm, maybe I should give them a CD-RW so they can reuse it.

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