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It is 57 meters wide, 50 meters deep, and 48 meters tall.

It is an imposing structure when you see it close at hand. Rushana, Edo Period Statue, in Nara at Tōdai-ji Photo courtesy of Handbook on Viewing Buddhist Statues A totally wonderful book, by Ishii Ayako.

= Vairocana) as the central Buddha of the universe, the so-called Cosmic Buddha.

The image embodied the Buddha Birushana (Skt: Vairocana), who was regarded by the Kegon sect as the cosmic, central Buddha.In some sects, Birushana is considered to be the reward-body of Shakyamuni Buddha, the Historical Buddha.In others, Birushana represents the true Buddha body, the spiritual body of Buddha-truth, which is akin to light pervading the entire universe.Click here tobuy book at Amazon Japanese Text Below仏像の見方ハンドブック石井 亜矢子 (著)by Ishii Ayako Birushana 毘盧舍那 (Transliteration of Sanskrit “Vairocana”)Makabirushana 摩訶毘盧舍那 (Transliteration of Sanskrit “Mahāvairocana”)Other spellings: Birushana 毘盧遮那, Rushanabutsu 盧舎那仏 or 盧遮那佛The deity "belonging to or coming from the sun; the great illuminating one.”Translated as Dainichi Nyorai 大日如来, the supreme deityof Japan's Shingon Sect of Esoteric Buddhism (Mikkyō 密教).As early as the Heian Period (794 - 1192 AD), devotees of Esoteric Buddhism worshipped Dainichi Nyorai (Skt.

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