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Future articles, in addition to stories of Council's history, will keep you informed of what the museum is doing.Several ambitious new members have been added to the museum board, and you will be seeing some good things happen. It should matter to you because local history is incredibly interesting. And Council has one of the best historical collections in the state for this size town.George Moser used a plow to scratch a ditch down the north side of Mesa hill, and by placing the upper wheels of the wagons in it, managed to keep them from tipping over.The basic route that the Mosers established was used up until about 1920, and is still visible in the first canyon east of the present highway.While this is both good and bad, the immediate result is that the workers might simply keep quiet about anything they find in order to keep the project moving.

Six years later (1882), the railroad reached Weiser. Now it only took a journey of two days (one way) to get tew up, they didn't seem to age at all, but now, many of them are old. From my point of view, they were always here - like the mountains. But there is much that can be done to preserve the priceless legacy they leave behind them.It cuts down the hill and across the old paved highway.If you look about 300 yards up the Middle Fork from the present highway bridge at the base of Mesa hill, you can see the abutments for the bridge the old "Moser grade" used.Several arrow heads were found during the 1940 excavations, especially around the settling tank in the west part of town, and along the trench leading west from the tank.I've been told that if the present workers find any artifacts, the job might have to be stopped until an archaeologist can be called in to examine the site.

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