Nuclide dating

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This is mostly from glacier melt and thermal expansion of the oceans.

It does not include inputs from dynamic changes to ice sheet flow[3].

electromagnetic radiation,energy radiated in the form of a wave as a result of the motion of electric charges.

A moving charge gives rise to a magnetic field, and if the motion is changing (accelerated), then the magnetic field varies and in turn produces an electric field......

particle accelerator,apparatus used in nuclear physics to produce beams of energetic charged particles and to direct them against various targets.

Such machines, popularly called atom smashers, are needed to observe objects as small as the atomic nucleus in studies of its..... Essentially there is no difference between these two manifestations of radioactivity.

The radiation produced during radioactivity is predominantly of three types, designated as alpha, beta, and gamma rays.

These types differ in velocity, in the way in which they are affected by a magnetic field, and in their ability to penetrate or pass through matter.

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For example, in the disintegration, or decay, of uranium-238 by the emission of alpha particles, radioactive thorium (formerly called ionium) is produced.The East Antarctic Ice Sheet has a sea level equivalent of approximately 60 m. Reassessment of the potential sea-level rise from a collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.Global sea levels are predicted to rise by 20-60 mm by 2100, and possibly up to 1 metre. Ordinary electric current is the flow of electrons through a wire conductor (see electricity).The electron is one of the basic constituents of matter......

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