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This time around, it's the sheer freedom that you're offered to explore the game's world, and non-linear story, in any way you see fit.The expansive nature of the game is reminiscent of the first time we played it's immediately awe-inspiring.To accomplish this, he once again declared the need to focus on technological advancement with respect to both the military and the economy.It can be inferred from this that the Chinese president would like to see the economy become more open.What we do know, via these sources, are the names of the people chosen to fill newly vacated senior positions.

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The party is showing strength and stability, and is taking steps to demonstrate that China has leaders who can take the country forward to face the challenges of the future – even if its approach does not always comport with a Western worldview.

The purpose of the appointment of the current president as chairman of the Chinese military committee is to strengthen the military’s position both within the party and without it.

This step is part of Xi’s grand plan to reinforce the military, march it forward, and prepare it for unspecified future challenges.

Xi’s thought paper, “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Age,” is now a part of the party’s constitution, together with the writings of the revered Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, China’s first two Communist leaders.

The leaders who followed Mao and Deng did not earn a similar success, so this achievement has a special significance for the current president.

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