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Once, his pen and ink sketches of Bermuda forts and other places for Bermuda Tourism were much in use in tourist-oriented publications. Left Bermuda in about 2001 to return to the UK where he had family. A frequent 19th and 20th century visitor to Bermuda. A prolific watercolorist who worked in Bermuda from about 1900 onward. Most of his paintings depicted the South Shore of Bermuda but the one below shows a Bermuda cottage. Arrived in Montreal in 1908, studied in Paris with Maurice Denis and Paul Serusier; in Switzerland with his uncle, Ernest Bieler (fresco painting); and at the Art Students League, New York, with Eugene Speicher and George Bellows. One of his Bermuda portraits, of Mrs Harvey, is shown below. A painter whose landscape and genre paintings reflected his childhood near Cos Cob, Connecticut, Daniel Brinley remained active in his native state where he was one of the key figures of the Silvermine Guild of Artists.Paintings include the City of Hamilton in 1917; "The Bar at the 21 Club" of 1940; and "St. Exhibited works extensively at the New York Watercolor Club, the Salmagundi Club and the American Watercolor Society. His 1922 painting of ‘ Front Street’ in Bermuda when he spent some time there is well-known locally. In 1753 he relocated from Bermuda to Newport, Rhode Island and became famous for his many fine paintings of prominent Americans. His childhood home was at Riverside, just across the Mianus River from Cos Cob.

As a war-time painting, it shows how Bermuda was then militarily "occupied" by British, American and Canadian military personnel.

19th April 1990 and 16th May 1991 Bermuda Post Office Commemorative First Day Covers and Postage Stamps that featured some of the famous artists mentioned below who painted in Bermuda in the early 1900s. A major reason is because when the USA and Great Britain were not the firm allies they are now, Bermuda underwent some profound changes, with many areas denuded of foliage and developed into British military - army and navy - fortifications mostly designed to defend against any attempted invasion from the USA, as was twice attempted by the USA against Canada.

Military artists were sent from Britain to militarily sensitive Bermuda during the 1800's, especially in the aftermath of the US War of Independence and particularly War of 1812 to 1814 when Bermuda had been a principal British base for British Army and Royal Navy land and sea forces that attacked Washington DC and burnt the White House.

The demands of work and his struggles with the parochial attitudes of the art establishment led to pressures that affected his life and his art.

The inner turmoil he suffered is well documented in the paintings themselves, but the underlying causes of his distress have been less understood. From Massachusetts, he featured prominently in the Masterworks Bermudiana book (pages 178-181) edited by the late Patricia Calnan. His small post impressionist paintings "Catching Bait off St.

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