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Have you made yourself available of the services and benefits of the library? There have been many boards, librarians, a building addition and new equipment and it stands presently ready to serve all the citizens of Momence.Over my 34 years practicing law, traveling all over the United States, I have had the joy of working with many litigation support groups.My experiences and the experiences of my internal litigation support team with Depo Texas(now Lexitas) have been exceptional.I count on them to get the job done right and they have not disappointed.""Over the years, we have used several court reporting and record retrieval services on behalf of our clients.Out of all the reporting and record retrieval services we have used, the satisfaction we have with the staff at Depo Texas(now Lexitas) is unsurpassed by the others.

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Their reporters are timely, accurate and very friendly.We take great pride in having built what we consider to be a preeminent professional litigation support services organization.Experiences like those below are what we strive to create, every day, in everything we do.Sadly, we've had to use other records retrieval services to comply with client requirements, but unfortunately, they fall short.I have to double-check to make sure everything is done correctly causing unnecessary delays.

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