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Pronounced so·liv·a·gant \sōˈlivəgənt\ I'm hoping this word will overtake the mainstream use of 'solo traveler' as it sounds so much more exotic yeah? Wayfarer (n) You might recognize this word more as a popular style of Ray-Ban sunglasses than a term that means a person who travels from place to place, usually on foot.I wish I had known the meaning of this word earlier as I think it would have made a great name for my blog. Fernweh (n) This word has been seen all over recently.This is a great way to meet new and fascinating people while experiencing a cultural exchange.Couchsurfing currently claims it is "a global community of 10 million people in more than 200,000 cities". Staycation (n) A vacation that is spent at home enjoying time to relax and explore your local area.Below is a glossary of some modern travel words that are unique and inspire travel.A couple of them are not well known but perhaps should be and a couple are well established only in certain countries. Couchsurfing (n) This term was commonly used to describe the practice of moving from one friend's house to the other often sleeping on the couch or floor while you were temporarily of no fixed abode.One theory is that the South African origin word as already used by Australians morphed during the time due to diggers digging sheltered areas, as per the African usage, during wartime."It might have been to do with a sheltered area.If you have sort of a gully using as a trench, if you're there during a war and taking shelter and using landscape features," Ms Billington said.

Typically associated with temporary or demountable housing, donga has endured in local slang for about a century.Yet the challenge to this theory is that in Papua New Guinea, where Australian troops fought during WWII, the word donga is also used. Given this, it is possible that the Aussie slang word donga as applied to housing could have come from closer to home, while the meaning attached to South African landscape is a second and earlier coincidence.Yet there are also challenges to this theory, with early usages of donga in Australian English having an unclear application that could mean either.They usually involve lots of alcohol, swearing and talking BS. Glamping (n) Glamping is to camping what flashpacking is to backpacking.I'm not really sure if there is an equivalent for the girls. This is camping in luxury and can be in house-like tents or something creative like a yurt. Grey nomad (n) I'm aspiring to be a grey nomad one day!

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